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DWD convection-permitting climate simulations
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CPS-SCEN V2022.01

Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport Deutscher Wetterdienst
COSMO-CLM CPS data version V2022.01
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Projection simulation with COSMO-CLM5-0-16 version V2022.01
Downscaling of MIROC-MIROC5 data for Germany with 3 km grid spacing
Haller, Michael; Brienen, Susanne; Brauch, Jennifer; Früh, Barbara (2022): CPS SCEN V2022.01 DOI: DOI Link

Haller, Michael; Brienen, Susanne; Brauch, Jennifer; Früh, Barbara
Performed by Deutscher Wetterdienst in collaboration with the CLM-Community

Convection-permitting projection simulation for Germany performed by DWD Offenbach. Configuration adapted from the CORDEX FPS Convection setup, which was developed and tuned by the CRCS working group of the CLM Community. Computing system: CRAY XC40 at DWD. The Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) is the producer of the data. The General Terms and Conditions of Business and Delivery apply for services provided by DWD (
Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD,
Publication Year
DWD-CPS MIROC5-CCLM5 is a model data set performed with dynamical downscaling of MIROC-MIROC5 on a 3 km grid centered over Germany (415x423 grid points). The downscaling was performed two-fold with an intermediate nest on 12 km. The data cover the years 2031-2060 (near future) and 2071-2100 (far future) for RCP 8.5 scenario. They are provided for different temporal aggregations (1hr, 3hr, 6hr, day, mon, sem), depending on the variable. The following variables are included in the data set:
tas, tasmin, tasmax, pr, huss, sfcWind, sfcWindmax, wsgsmax, ua850, va850, uas, vas, psl, rsds, snc, snd, orog, sftlf.
This is version V2022.01 of the CPS SCEN data set.
Temporal Coverage
2031/01 - 2060/12
2071/01 - 2100/12
Spatial Coverage
GER-0275 (Germany and parts of neighbouring countries on a 0.0275° rotated grid)
Data Format
approx. 2.7 TB in total
(different temporal aggregations available)
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