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DWD convection-permitting climate simulations
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HoKliSim-De COSMO-CLM climate model simulation data version V2022.01
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HoKliSim-De evaluation simulation with COSMO-CLM5-0-16 version V2022.01
Downscaling of ECMWF reanalysis data for Germany with 3 km grid spacing
Brienen, Susanne; Haller, Michael; Brauch, Jennifer; Früh, Barbara (2022): HoKliSim-De COSMO-CLM climate model simulation data version V2022.01 DOI:

Brienen, Susanne; Haller, Michael; Brauch, Jennifer; Früh, Barbara
Performed by Deutscher Wetterdienst in collaboration with the CLM-Community

Convection-permitting evaluation run for Germany (HoKliSim-De) performed by DWD Offenbach. Configuration adapted from the CORDEX FPS Convection setup, which was developed and tuned by the CRCS working group of the CLM Community. Computing system: CRAY XC40 at DWD. The Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) is the producer of the data. The General Terms and Conditions of Business and Delivery apply for services provided by DWD (
Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD,
Publication Year
HoKliSim-De is an abbreviation for "Hochauflösende COSMO-CLM Klimasimulation mit ERA-Antrieb für Deutschland" ("High resolution COSMO-CLM climate simulation with ERA reanalysis forcing for Germany"). It is a model data set performed with dynamical downscaling of ERA40/ERA5 reanalysis on a 3 km grid centered over Germany (415x423 grid points). For the ERA40 period (1971-1978), an intermediate nest simulation with COSMO-CLM at 0.11° grid spacing was used. COSMO-CLM is the community model of the German regional climate research community jointly further developed by the CLM-Community. The data cover the years 1971-2019 and they are provided for different temporal aggregations (1hr, 3hr, 6hr, day, mon, sem), depending on the variable. The following variables are included in the data set:
tas, tasmin, tasmax, pr, huss, sfcWind, sfcWindmax, wsgsmax, ua850, va850, uas, vas, psl, rsds, snc, snd, orog, sftlf.
This is version V2022.01 of the HoKliSim-De data set.
Temporal Coverage
1971/01 - 2019/12
Spatial Coverage
GER-0275 (Germany and parts of neighbouring countries on a 0.0275° rotated grid)
Data Format
approx. 2.8 TB in total (different temporal aggregations available)
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